Işıl Engineering

Our company focuses on the production of flexible ventilation pipes and duct connectors used in the heating, cooling and ventilation sector since 1998.In order to meet the needs of the sector, it has produced ESBO and FLEXIVA flexible ventilation pipes and KUGAR connectors to the market.Our company, which realized its first export in 2000, currently exports to 50 countries and its target is; to increase its market share at homeland and all around the world with technological products and become a world company.


Our company focuses on the production of flexible ventilation pipes and duct connectors used in the heating, cooling and ventilation sector since 1998.

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Aydos Yazılım

In 2010, the software development department has become a company in its own right by deciding to offer the programs established and prepared with the purpose of Software Development to the use of everyone to address all businesses regardless of the sector.

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Fanatik Fan Sistemleri

Fanatik is the fan brand of IŞIL Engineering Inc, which started its activities as a manufacturer of flexible air ducts in 1998, safely used in domestic and international markets, indoor parking ventilation and smoke evacuation systems.

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Who Are We? Why Işıl Engineering?

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Our Products

Products from our brands.


AntiZan Personnel Analysis and Monitoring System is a local software product which is developed by Turkish Software Developers and analyzing the working efficiency, desk performance, work efficiency and manageability of the personnel.

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Flexiva Ventilation Systems

Quality, long life span, healthy and environmentally flexible air ducts with fast service and optimum cost.

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Fanatik Fan Systems

When it comes to production and marketing; fan systems which are the closest followers of technology and continuously analyze the needs of the market.

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Mobile PTS

Plate Recognition System developed by Aydos Software Company is a domestic software product developed for audible and visual warning to the personnel in the vehicle by scanning the plates that it perceives with sensitive auto focus in 1 second by passing in front of the vehicles in continuous navigation and parked.

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AKS Koltuk Sensörü

TümAll our hardware and software systems have been developed by our engineers and made its first party production ready to use. Else, the weight sensing sensor is installed in the Sensor seat of the bus or minibus seats.

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File Tracking System

Data Loss / Leakage Prevention In the field of network security Document monitoring is a relatively new type of data protection that is increasingly used. With DLP software, you can prevent unwanted data from your system or monitor the usage status of the files you specify.

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